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Welcome to our NEW Website!
Mayberry Enterprises - Monmouth Oregon Inc. is a leadership consulting firm.  We provide clients with a variety of tailored professional services:
Business Communications
Community Outreach
Fund raising  
Policy Development
Professional Speaking
Public Relations
Strategic Planning
Team Building
Mayberry Enterprises provides our clients with full-spectrum services including "turn-key" leadership development seminars, training, and workshops. 
Our focus is to prepare decision-makers for the dynamic challenges of the 21st Century.  Mayberry Enterprises can also provide clients with professional services associated with non-profit, private, and public missions.
If you have a problem that requires a creative solution, we want the chance to help you find the "best" solution.  Our "pracademic" approach blends the academic and applied experiences of our one-of-a-kind staff. 
Together we can, and will, build a strategic vision and infrastructure required for making your vision - your reality. 
For more information on course materials please visit: or call us at (503) 949-6378.
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